Welcome to the exiting world of Chinese acrobatics. Shanghai is one of the most popular as well as prominent centers of acrobatics in the world. Boasting with several impressive acrobatic venues, Shanghai is also home to the world famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe founded in 1951.

Introducing the most popular shows in the city, we provide discount ticket booking for these acrobatic spectacles. Choose from the list of acrobatic shows below, and book your seats in advance to guarantee a successful night out in Shanghai.

Shanghai Centre Theatre

The Shanghai Center, is a modern acrobatic stage and home to one of the oldest and most famous acrobatic troupes in Shanghai, known as the “Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe”. This astounding performance is the most popular show on our list.

Huxi Grand Theatre

The show, known as “Pujiang Feeling” is the most visually attractive show Shanghai has to offer. With a wide range of acrobatic feats, this is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Shanghai Circus World

Now performing the “ERA Intersection of Time”, which is one of the newer performances in the city. Fresh and exiting atmosphere at this theatre.